Voted #1 prank and horror gift

You've discovered the perfect gift for Halloween parties, April fools day, white elephant gift exchanges, or as a birthday present for that horror lover in your family.

The Bloody Bath Mat® is the ultimate at-home prank! Give your friends or family the ultimate shock! Our fun novelty bath mat takes wet footprints and turns them into blood red stains. Spooky!

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  • How to use

    Take a shower or bath, and step on the Bloody Bath Mat® sheet with your damp feet or hands. The magic blood red color is only activated by water. Get ready for the ultimate prank!

  • "Blood" appears

    The touch from your body after the shower will start to change the color of the mat to bloody red under your feet. You must see this in action! Available in multiple sizes.

  • Hide it anywhere

    Give your boyfriend or girlfriend the shock of their life as they leave a trail of blood stains out of the shower. A incredibly unique prank that you can hide nearly anywhere.

#1 Prank & horror gift

Prank anyone in your home with our "blood" appearing bath sheet! The magic red color is only activated by water, so place this bath mat in your bathroom and wait for the reaction.

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  • Small

    Use our Small Bloody Bath Mat® (16.5 x 27.5") next to small standing showers or for tiny bathrooms.

  • Regular

    The most popular size. Use our Regular Bloody Bath Mat® (16.5 x 39.3") outside of bathtubs or showers.

  • Large

    The large Bloody Bath Mat® An incredible size (25.5 x 39.3") that turns blood red when wet.

Scare your friends!

Scare your college roommates, halloween party guests, visiting family and kids as they step on the bathroom mat and leave bloody stains wherever they step.

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