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The Bloody Bath Mat® is WORLD FAMOUS on TikTok, YouTube & Instagram.

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Bloody bath mat PRANK // The reaction // YouTube: Connor and Liana

♬ original sound - Liana
@eloisefouladgar Bloody bath mat PRANK on my BOYFRIEND.. he’s going to FREAK 😳🥴 #fyp #pranks ♬ original sound - eloise fouladgar
@kassy.95 I suck at these, I know🥲 also please ignore our Parasite inspired bathroom. Mat by @homezo #fypシ #halloween #prank #coupleprank #fyp @hojun.l ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

#1 Prank & horror gift

Prank anyone in your home with our "blood" appearing bath sheet! The magic red color is only activated by water, so place this bath mat in your bathroom and wait for the reaction.

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