Blood Bath Mat Color Changing

When the Halloween is coming close everyone start to think about the ideas to decorate their house so it looks the scariest one. The one of the most ideas that is available for halloween decorations is bathroom halloween decorations. From time to time there are many new cool products in the market and one of them is blood bath mat color changing. This is one of the most used bathroom decor on halloween.


The blood bath mat color changing is a process where bath mat turns red when wet. Giving the illusion of bloody footprints which will fade away after the mat is dry. There are also red bathroom rugs to pair up with this mat as it will look good with the theme going around.


Along with the blood bath mat color changing you can add a bloody shower curtain. But don’t to add too much two products with blood in a single room is enough otherwise it will ruin the decorations and will create a mess.

Blood Bath Mat Color Changing

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