Prank gifts


On the day Halloween everyone is entitled to have one good scare. There are a lot of ways that you can scare the others, one of them is prank gifts.


You can give prank gift boxes to prank your close ones. It is one of the most used prank gift that you can give to someone. You can put any crazy or scary thing inside it and it will pop out as the person opens the box. And another fun way to prank someone is the ­shock prank kit, the most common kit available is in the form of a chewing gum pack, you offer some to others and when they touch it, they will feel a slight shock. There are also some ­April fool pranks that you can use on Halloween to scare someone, like putting the cutouts of your face, put it in a jar, and place them in the fridge, so when someone opens the fridge it will give them the illusion of real head.


As a prank gift you can also give out gag gifts for adults. You can force your close ones to wear shirt that has some daring saying written on them and they have to wear it all day. You can not only prank adults on the day, but you can also do some kid pranks, you can also prank you kids with prank gift boxes or with shock prank kit as well.

Prank gifts

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