Order the #1 Prank gift!

Try the world’s first Bloody Mat® - a thin plastic sheet that only reacts with water – color changing wet footprints into blood red stains. Scare the hell out of guests in your home with this one-of-a-kind surprise gift! It's like something out of a horror film - you've got to see it to believe it!

  • "I did not expect much from this, since it seemed hard to pull off well. This was one of the gifts I gave this holiday that stopped the room so everyone could check it out. Worked even better than imagined and hilarious reaction. I already bought 2 but I am going to end up buying more for myself."

    - Ruby

  • "Exactly as described, it is amazing and horrifying and wonderful in the guest bathroom (where no warning is given)."

    - Serena

  • "Changes quickly and is such a realistic red! I scared my boyfriend quite nicely! Thank you! The surface does feel papery, so it’s not one you should use regularly, but it’s good for a nice prank!"

    - Alex