What is the bloody bath mat?

You've discovered the perfect bloody Halloween decoration. This color changing mat turns red when wet. Leave a trail of “blood” across the bath mat after every shower!

As seen on TikTok, Snapchat & Instagram.

  • How does it work?

    Step on the Bloody Bath Mat® with your damp feet or hands. The magic bloody color is only activated by water. Perfect for the bathroom!

  • "Blood" appears

    The touch from your body after the shower will start to change the color of the mat to blood red under your feet. You must see this in action!

  • Hide it anywhere

    Put this gory Halloween decoration anywhere for a spooky prank! Leave a trail of bloody footprints or handprints. Available in multiple sizes.

See this bloody decoration in action!

World famous

Home of the WORLD FAMOUS HIT PRODUCT as seen onTikTok, Snapchat & Instagram. The magic red color is only activated by water, so place this bath mat in your bathroom and wait for the reaction.