Water Leak Detector Mat - 16x27.5in Reusable Color Changing Cloth

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* Water Detector Mat - Find leaks before costly damage occurs to your home. Includes a 16x27.5in (35x70cm) color changing sheets that can be cut to size and reused, enabling you to detect leaks in large spaces.

* Color Changes When Wet - Bright red color appears when water drops touch the material. Long lasting, no batteries needed.

* Water Detector Alert - Cut material to size and place where you suspect a moisture leak is occurring, water dripping on the sheet will leave bright red stains.

* Multi-Purpose Leak Detection - Perfect for detecting leaks in the bathroom, basement, laundry room, pool or underneath the kitchen sink.

* Reusable - Color dries back white for reuse. Easier than dyes, tablets, or electric alarm sensors. Long lasting plastic fabric for use indoors or outdoors.


Detect leaks early and protect your home from water damage and mold. These water detection sheets turn bright red when wet. 

Best of all, they are reusable and dry back white. 

Cut to size to cover a large amount of space and indoor or outdoor applications.

Useful for:
- Detecting leaks from your washing machine in laundry rooms.
- Early detection of leaky pipes under the sink during cold weather this winter.
- Discovering water in your basement or bathrooms
- Situations where you cannot use an electronic water alarm system