Bloody Sheets (2 sheets/box)

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NEW! ONE-OF-A-KIND REAL, COLOR CHANGING BLOODY SHEETS! Instantly changes color when wet. Magic color changing effect for tabletop magic effects and novelty jokes.

REUSABLE LIGHTWEIGHT POSTER –Thin, easy to apply to walls, countertops, and similar surfaces. Scare your guests with bloodstains on your table or drip blood from your walls! It's absolutely horrifying! Air dries after each use so you can scare guests again and again.

WATER ACTIVATED BLOOD SHEET – Turns red when wet. Touch to leave nearly realistic bloody handprints or splash with water to create a blood spill that disappears over time. The fabric bleeds red when water is applied. Make all your friends laugh!

PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN DECOR – Great novelty gag gift! Instantly create horrifyingly realistic blood splatters and stains when you touch the white fabric sheets with water. It's absolutely magic!

GET 2 SHEETS IN EVERY BOX: Cut to a custom size for creative DIY horror projects, halloween gag gifts, zombie haunted houses or indie horror movie productions inspired by Psycho.


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