Zombie decor

Halloween home decor has a lot of themes. One of them is a zombie decor. You can play around a lot with this theme. It can be taken as a fun theme or a scary theme.


With the zombie decor and cutouts a blood doormat can be placed on entrance. Or different Halloween clings can be used inside and outside of the house to make the zombie decor look scarier. Another thing you can do is that to pair up this decoration with blood splatter decorations, the blood splatters will give this decor a great edge.


Zombies are not only scary for kids but they also scare adults. So this will be a unique and a very fun way to decorate the house for the day of Halloween. You can hang bat clings from the roof and zombie cutouts on the stairs or outside of your house or you can place them inside on the windows which will scare the people outside.

Zombie decor

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