Weird Shower Curtain

Weird shower curtain is one of the most used products for ­bathroom decor on Halloween. They give the impression of horror décor.

You can hang Weird shower curtain in your bathroom as a blood decor along with Halloween towels. You can either add towels with blood stains on them or towels with scary design on them to give a scary look to your bathroom decor. There is one another option to hang color changing towels which will turn red when someone wipes their wet hands.

Weird shower curtains can also be paired up with the color changing bath mats and the rugs to enhance the blood decor and make it look scarier. They are the bloody bath mat when wet they change color.  Or else you can also place a set of toilet and bathroom rug with blood stains on them along with the shower curtains. These are some of the ideas that you can use to take your scary decorations to the next level.

Weird Shower Curtain

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