Pranks for kids

On the day of Halloween kids are more excited than the rest. But on the day, there are many pranks for kids and you can scare them.

You can use Halloween window posters for kid pranks. It will scare them when they wake up and see something weird on their windows. There are also many other pranks for kids. Another way is to hang Halloween window clings, to prank the kids with scary cutouts of pumpkin and many other as well.

You can also buy kid shower curtains, they have scary cartoon characters printed on them. When your kid will enter the bathroom for shower, it will definitely scare them. The other most fun prank for kids are prank gift boxes, you can hide toy spiders or something else you kid is afraid of like lizards in this box. Then you can give them those gift boxes, and a spider or lizard will pop out when they will open the box.

Pranks for kids

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