Office Pranks and Gags

For Halloween it’s not all about decorating your house, you can also have fun in your office before Halloween by pulling off office pranks and gags on your colleagues a few days before Halloween. You can team up with some of your colleagues and may arrange a zombie Halloween decor and dressed as zombies so when they enter you can scare the hell out of them.


If you want a much simpler decor for office pranks and gags you can also hang weird and scary wall cling for Halloween it is easier to decorate and scary as well. Another way would be to add a prank face on window. It could be a scary face with blood on it or a scary character cut out. You can also give a prank gift bag to one of your colleague.


If you want to do office prank and gags alone you can arrange a hang man for Halloween. You can place a dummy with rope around his neck and hang it from the ceiling. When everyone will enter the office it will scare the hell out of them.

Office Pranks and Gags

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