Handprint rug

When you go shopping for Halloween there is a wide range of products that you can choose from. From bathroom to bedroom to any other room there are different products, or some products that are multipurpose and can be used anywhere in the house. One of them is a handprint rug.


You can use a handprint rug anywhere in the house and can pair it up with any other product you want like bloody door clings on the front door of your house. Or it can be used along with a bath mat with fake blood in the bathroom for scary Halloween bathroom decorations.


A handprint rug is a kind of a weird rug with bloody handprints on it. A white rug that turns red when wet can also be placed with it. These rugs can be placed anywhere in the house to make it look a lot scary and fun. Also use similar products to the rugs in the room so it can look scarier.

Handprint rug

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