Halloween window clings

To pull of the prankster stuff on Halloween you can use Halloween window clings. You can place them on someone’s window so when they open the curtains it will terrify them, or it can also scare people who are walking on the street and look at you window.

You can also make zombie decor using the Halloween window clings it will give a really cool look to the decor. And finally to give it a look of horror decor look you can buy Halloween window lighted decorations. The scary cutouts will glow in the dark and through curtains it will give this effect of a shadow that will look scary for the people walking outside.

With the Halloween window clings you can also add some Halloween window posters. To give it a fun or a horror look, but make sure to keep it simple and not to stuff up otherwise it will ruin the look instead of enhancing it.

Halloween window clings

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