Halloween Home Decor

Halloween is a day of Spirits. Most people count it as day for evil spirits. Halloween is also that time of a year when everyone goes crazy about the scary and fun decorations. Let’s talk about the Halloween home decor. On Halloween, with the home decor you can go as crazy as you want.

For home decor in Halloween the most common is bathroom decor, you can put bloody footprint bath mat near the shower, why? I mean isn’t it scary someone entering for a shower and seeing a bloody bathroom mat, with blood splatter and footprints on it. Also one of the most fun things for Halloween Bathroom decor is to hang Halloween towels, towels that have fake blood stains or handprint on them, that will be pretty exciting to see the scared expressions on the face of a person you are trying to prank. Or you can add color changing shower curtain, they will look really cool and impressive in the bathroom as they change their color when wet. And you can also add skull like pieces near the sink along with candles to make it look scary.

Now, for the best decor idea for the bathroom, what better way than bathroom will blood splatter on its wall? With that you can add dripping blood from the sink.

Halloween Home Decor

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