Color Changing Shower Mat

Halloween and pulling off prankster stuff, that’s what most of the youngster and kids wait for the day to enjoy themselves. These pranks can not only be pulled off outdoors but you can also do them indoors. But the question is how can you do this? There is a product called color changing shower mat. You might wonder what exactly you can do with this. You simply have to place them outside the shower so whenever someone place their feet on the mat will change its color, and it will scare the hell out of them.


Color changing shower mat or similar product shower curtain with blood are almost same but the minor difference is that in the later there is no surprise element. But they both are equally scary.


Color changing shower mat is also included in a Halloween decoration bathroom set. This set also includes bathroom rugs and toilet carpet floor mat and many more. The purpose of using this set is to make the decorations fun for the day of Halloween.

Color Changing Shower Mat

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