Color Changing Mat

If there is no bloody Halloween than what’s the fun on that day. Many people think that even when they are decorating their home. The top suggestion for this purpose would be a color changing mat. Let alone it can be used in so many ways or you could use it with other things as well to make it more fun.


Color changing mat is a bath mat that looks like blood when wet. It can be a bathmat with footprints, or with just simple blood splatter, whatever you like or prefer. Both will look equally scary for the Halloween decoration. But this mat will only change the color if they are wet.


Color changing mat can be decorated with other products as well. It can be used with a color changing bath rug, so whenever someone will enter the room than first the mat will change its color than the rug will also change its color to red. Or else you can use Bloody shower curtains with the mat as well.

Color Changing Mat

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