Color Changing Bathroom Rugs

We all love to prank someone by giving them some fun and unusual gifts. What better way than to give them something that they can also use for the day of Halloween, here I am suggesting color changing bathroom rugs, an unusual gift, right? But will definitely scare the person when the first open the gift.


Color changing bathroom rugs are a bathroom rug that changes its color when it’s wet. They are considered as a Halloween rug because they are used for the purpose of decoration on the day of Halloween. They give an edgy look to the decoration and add a surprise element to the decorations.


If you want to pull a prank on someone using a color changing bathroom rugs, you can distract them and place something that will slightly make them loose balance and also add a Halloween shower curtain so when they try to grab the curtain it will change to blood along with the rug and you can also add blood splatter so when they fall it will scare them. It definitely sounds fun seeing the expression of the person you just pranked.

Color Changing Bathroom Rugs

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