Color Changing Bathroom Mat

Halloween is near, and everyone is busy in finalizing their house decorations for the witchy hours. Not so many people think about decorating their bathrooms, so why not taking this opportunity to scare the hell out of everyone who visits your bathroom? Want to know how? Take ideas from down below.

One way to give goose-bumps to your bathroom visitors is to use blood décor. Put a color changing bathroom mat inside your bathroom. As soon as someone steps wet feet on this color changing bathroom mat, it will immediately turn the feet marks into red color. Try this one time by yourself; you would know what we are talking about.

To scare your visitors more, put a skull-shaped toilet roll holder, some blood shower curtains, and creepy spiders inside your bathroom. Your visitors may give a second glance to these things but stepping wet feet on color changing bathroom mat will make them run the hell out of the bathroom just like Scooby Doo.

Color Changing Bathroom Mat

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