Color Change Bath Mat

I am sure that you have heard a lot about color change bath mat. Some of you might wonder that what’s the fuss? I mean they are really cool bath mats and bathroom accessory. An invention that has took the Halloween decoration to the next level. They are a surprise element to your decoration and still keep it decent and fun.


Basically a color change bath mat is a blood bath when wet. It means one drop of water and boom it turns to red blood. It is red and blood alike and it will be pretty scary.


A color change bath map will have bloody footprints on it if someone steps on it with wet feet. Not only you can prank someone but you can place them just for fun for yourself, as seeing it changing its color looks quite cool. For more effect you can add a bloody handprint shower curtain to the decorations and why not? It’s Halloween so we can go as crazy as we want.

Color Change Bath Mat

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