Cheap Halloween Decorations

While the spirit of Halloween is very high but sometimes the decoration could be very expensive. But not to worry there many cheap Halloween decorations options available for the people who cannot afford much but still can enjoy Halloween the same way as everyone else.


You can take some inspiration from old fashioned Halloween decorations to make cheap Halloween decorations. You can make cutouts or carve out a pumpkin using all the things that are already easily available at your home. To make your house look scary from the outside you can create scary Halloween window by creating a ghost like shape with the sheets and place them near the window, this will scare the people outside.


Another trick to make cheap Halloween decorations look cool and scary is footprint floor cling. For this you can simply paint or color your shoes from below and make footprints mark on the floor, it can be either bloody footprints or some alien like footprints. You can also make a unique cool splatter shower curtain to decorate your bathroom or if you have a trunk in your house you can make a trunk Halloween decor it’s classy and scary at the same time.

Cheap Halloween Decorations

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