Bloody Rug for Bathroom

As Halloween is on its way, you must be searching for the perfect quick decoration for your bathroom. Bloody rug for bathroom is trending this Halloween. Do not forget to capture the horrified expressions of your family and friends once they made a visit to the spooky bathroom.

One of the best way to decorate your bathroom is to replace your usual white bath rugs with a shower rug turns red when wet. The shower rug turns red when wet is just like your ordinary white bath rug, but as soon someone steps on it with wet feet, it immediately turns into a realistic red blood color leaving the person hell scared.

Also, pair your shower rug turn red when wet with scary toilet covers to spice up the witching hour of Halloween inside your bathroom. So if your friends ask to use your bathroom, let a creepy grim across your face with the thought that someone is going to get a death scare.

Bloody Rug for Bathroom

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