Blood Shower Mat

You must have heard a lot about color changing bathmat, one of them is a blood shower mat that is placed before the shower area. What exactly this product means?  This could mean a shower mat that already had a blood on it or it will be a shower bathmat that changes color when wet.


Blood shower mat is commonly used in Halloween decor or to be more precise in scary Halloween decoration. On the day before Halloween every kid and adult is so excited about the decorations so it is a lot of fun decorating for that day and blood shower mat surely adds to the fun. The fun thing about the blood shower mat is that is it can be given as prank gift to your close ones.


When you go to buy it make sure you don’t get too excited and buy the products that are going with theme and buy lesser products. You can also buy Halloween window clings if you have a window in your bathroom.

Blood Shower Mat

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