Bath Mat Turns Red When Wet

Want to scare the hell out of everyone this Halloween? If yes, then what would be better than a bath mat turns red when wet. You can add this bloody bath mat when wet changes color in your Halloween decoration ideas. Believe it or not when your family and friends or even you will step onto this bloody bathroom mat then it will scare the hell out of you all.

When anyone steps on this bloody bathroom mat, then it will give the fantastic blood dripping color change effect. Give your girlfriend or boyfriend the deadly shook of their dear life as they leave the trail of blood stains while stepping out of the shower.

You can also pair your bath mat turns red when wet with bloody curtains in your bathroom to give your bathroom a nerve-racking appearance at Halloween or even for the sake of a prank. There are many color changing mats available in the market, but white bathroom blood mat is the scariest bloody bathroom mat among all. For example, if your friend or your boyfriend will step on this bath mat turns red when wet, then watching their footprints turning red will scare the hell out of them.

Bath Mat That Turns Red When Wet

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