Bath Mat That Turns Red When Wet

We all wait for Halloween to get the scare out of the people. If you love to decorate your home for Halloween, then you would like to try this decoration idea for this holiday.

Put a bath mat that turns red when wet in your bathroom. A bath mat that turns red is usually a thin plastic mat which reacts with water to change the color of your footprints into red blood stains. Once the mat is dried, it will face back into white. You would never watch that horrified face of your friends and family members who will step onto that bathroom blood mat.

Want to scare your family and friends again and again? Well then try to lay these bathroom rug blood side by side to make a more large surprise blood bath. They will get invisible once you will make a larger portion of bloody bathroom mat and will give real bloody footprints once someone puts wet feet on it. Pairing this bath mat that turns red when wet with bloody curtains in your bathroom is another great Halloween décor idea to even scare the hell out of every one who steps into your bathroom. Each time you get out of the shower, avail a new experience with this bloody bathroom mat.

Bath Mat That Turns Red When Wet

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