Bath Mat Blood

Have you ever watched a horror movie, where a window poster is hanging onside the wall, and a cool looking dude enters. As he gets inside, the bloody wet bathroom mat flips over, and boom, the bath mat blood has haunted our cool looking hero to near death.

Well, you can also use that horror trick to intrigue your friends. With the bath mat blood, you can use either a color changing horror shower curtain, or a bath mat. It turns bloody when wet bath mat is leaned against a bathroom slipper.

The bath mat blood is proven to be very tricky and horrendous. Even the bravest guys cannot withstand its dreadful outsight. The bloody red bath mat is so much fun to scare the hell out your sweet besties. To add your own taste, we also have some crazy unique shower curtains which can make the scene pretty impressive. Don’t miss this fun, get a quote now!

Bath Mat Blood

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