Discover how the authentic Bloody Bath Mat™ works

It’s like something out of a horror film…


Get our bath mat wet…

Discover the original Bloody Bath Mat™, a seemly normal white bath mat that suddenly turns a shocking red when wet and dries back white again.

Scare the hell out of guests with this one-of-a-kind surprise gift for that unusual person in your life! Made from a thin, versatile fabric you can hide practically anywhere in the bathroom.

Buy more than one side-by-side and watch your husband or boyfriend shocked at their own trail of blood stains out of the shower.

Get the authentic Bloody Bath Mat™ Get the authentic Bloody Bath Mat™

Beware of fake bloody bath mats!

The Bloody Bath Mat™ by IntroWizard® is the only real color changing bath mat sheet that changes colors when you step on it. If it’s not sold by IntroWizard®, it’s probably a fake!

Beware of sneaky vendors online selling what looks like our color changing bath mat sheet. They’re actually ordinary fabric bath mats with pre-painted footprints.

Fake Bloody Bath Mats