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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Bloody Bath Mat™

About the Bloody Bath Mat™

Does the Bloody Bath Mat™ actually change color when wet?
Yes! The unique Bloody Bath Mat™ is the only bath mat of its kind that actually changes color when wet with water. Each white mat sheet is invisibly thin, about the width of a thick sheet of non-slip plastic.  Buy from our online store here to ensure you get an authentic color changing product.
Oh no! My friend bought a fake?
Caution: Read closely when buying from other vendors!

Don’t be fooled by cheaper “imitation” mats with painted bloody footprints, buy from our online store here to ensure you get our authentic color changing product.

Where else can I buy the real mat?
Look for the Bloody Bath Mat™ sold by IntroWizard® available at Amazon, Walmart, and eBay in the US – and authorized retailer L’avant Gardiste in France. If it’s not sold by IntroWizard® – it’s probably a fake.

Shipping Questions

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we deliver to most international countries starting from $8.00
How much is US shipping?
US standard shipping starts as low as $2.99
Do you offer expedited shipping?
Yes. If you would like to upgrade your shipping, please select the Expedited Shipping option during checkout.
When will I get my order?
Your order will ship out within 1-3 business days. After which, you’ll receive an email with a DHL tracking number for your package.

US standard shipping takes up to 14 days while expedited shipping is 2~5 business days.

International standard shipping takes up to 30 business days while international expedited is 6~12 business days.

Press and Media

I saw a video of your product online. Can I share this video with my followers?
Yes, in fact you can get the original video editing source files online here from our Dropbox. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything in particular.
Where can I find product images?
Please check our Dropbox here for images and here for video files
Can I get free samples for a giveaway?
Let us know what you’re planning, contact us today.

Have a Bloody Bath Mat™?

How do I unroll the sheet?
Your mat comes rolled for safe shipping and easy storage. Unroll and flatten the corners with a heavy rug or books before first use.
How should I care for my mat?
Wipe and hang to air dry after each use. The color will not drip off. Caution: If you don’t hang up to dry, color stains most likely will remain on your mat when the water has dried. Please read the Important Safety Instructions before use.
What can I do with my mat?
Wet footsteps turn the mat red (so do water splashes too!) so put it near the shower.

For more frightful fun suggested by a Bloody Bath Mat™ user, scare the messy men in your family with one around your toilet 😉

Payment & Returns

How secure is my purchase?
We use Stripe and Paypal to accept a wide range of payment options like credit cards or bank transfers securely. No paypal account is needed. Paypal is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide for industry-strength protection.
Do you offer gift wrapping?
Please ask us before ordering so we can give you details on birthday or Christmas gift wrapping for the Xmas holidays.
Do you offer a return policy?
Once shipped, we cannot offer a refund on purchases unless you have been mistakenly sent the wrong product by our logistics company. Please ask us any questions beforehand, we’re a small team and promise to have great customer service 🙂

For Entrepreneurs

I have an Facebook page, can I sell your Bloody Bath Mat™?
Yes, please read about and join our Dropshipping program where we handle all inventory and shipping. If you own a business, get better discounts per item by applying to become our wholesaler member.
Can I purchase in bulk for resale?
Yes, please apply to our wholesale membership program to review our catalog. For business owners we offer order discounts by carton quantity tiers. Apply to join today or contact us if you have any questions.
Do you have an affiliate program?
If you’d like to sell the Bloody Bath Mat™ on your Facebook page or website then you should join our dropshipping program. Begin accepting payments and making sales today here.

Get the only bath mat that really turns red when wet.

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